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Solar Power Vs. Wind Power

wind Turbines - www.RavingMadman.com12-7-2011

I am a big proponent of wind turbines, but we have noticed that it is always a battle to put one up anywhere near a residential area or even out in the ocean due to political and popular dissent.

I have seen them put to good use in China where in 2010, they produced 42 gigawatts of electrical power, and are set to produce all of their electricity using only wind power by 2030.

In Canada wind is the fastest growing source of power replacing coal and oil to produce electricity.

In other parts of the USA, there are successful wind farms and people are proud of them. There has been a wind farm on Nantucket Island since the 1980's.


solar power on roof - www.RavingMadman.comHowever due to the political and popular resistance to wind power,  solar power seems to be the way to go until wind power can overcome its lack of popularity.

Solar power installations seem popular.  No complaints are made about the idea of solar panels on the roofs of public buildings, and I can't imagine many people would complain about solar panels on the roof of a neighbors  private home or garage. Shame on them if they do.
Solar power is the path of least popular and political resistance, and we should move in that direction post-haste wherever possible.  

With another method, there are water currents in the bay and ocean that can produce huge amounts of power and locally we have plenty of that.

Raving Madman - www.RavingMadman.com Needless to say, we do not need to continue to pollute and pay high prices for oil to those nations many of whom are our ideological opposites.

As a bonus, drop demand for oil and so will the price.

The inaction over this political and popular battle for our future causes me great displeasure as you can see.

R. Madman