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Suicide - Leaves a Big Mess

by Leopold Boucouvalas

su·i·cide (s-sd)

1. The act or an instance of intentionally killing oneself.

2. The destruction or ruin of a person's own interests.

3. One who commits suicide.

4. Probably not a good idea.


suicide _1_ www.RavingMadMan.com5. If contemplating suicide you should first seek professional mental health advice.

6. Advise others against committing suicide.

7. If you commit suicide, you will never have fun again.

8. Suicide means never having sex.

9. A person who commits suicide can no longer smell the fresh air, and sit in the sunshine.

10. By committing suicide a person shuts off all contact with the world.

11. Suicide means missing out on interesting things.

12. No one person is worth committing suicide over.

13. Consider how selfish it is to leave such a mess behind for others to deal with.

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