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Leopold Boucouvalas

Nuclear Nightmare

We Are All going To Die!

If you think you can count on technocrats and profiteering companies to be responsible for our health and security from nuclear disaster, then take a look what happened at the Chernobyl situation, where nearly half a gazillion people were affected by the wind driven nuclear poison that drifted in a cloud all around the world, dropping it's DNA mutating radiation everywhere.

Look at what happened to the residents who survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Many are dead or horrible freaks, and so are their DNA mutated offspring.


The latest disaster in Japan starting in March of 2011 is a lesson enough.

They have 5 or 6 nuclear power plants next to each other so that they can't be isolated from each other, and they are on a fault prone area (stupid bastards that approved that) and it was nowhere near up to standards for a severe earthquake although they are on top of a huge quake zone. So now the soil and the ocean all around the place for a hundred square miles give or take ninety is poisoned for the next half a bozillion years. (Considering the half life of the toxic cagard)

Since the Hiroshima, Nagasaki fiasco they are all screwed up with cancer and horrible growths everywhere.
There is a price to pay for nuclear energy. The question is "How would you like to look like this guy?"---------->

Well to be honest this guy got this horrible growth thing from some source unknown even though he looks like my cousin-in-law's ex wife who was there.

So how do you like the idea of getting radiation poisoning?
Your hair falls out, and you get skinny and your teeth fall out and you lose weight until you keel over and shit the bed.

Everything on the ground gets toxic, and cows eat the grass so it is in the milk and we drink the milk and water and eat the unprotected leafy vegetables there is no escape from the horror!

Next time you tell your kid "Eat your spinach" don't be surprised if they say they don't like the taste of the radiation.

Possibly the worst problem is that your sex drive falls short. What are people going to do when that happens. If there is nothing good on TV you and your partner are screwed, or not screwed actually, staring at your useless toy.

Three Mile Island - AHA just when you thought " Oh It can't happen in the USA".

Bullshit! We have almost one hundred eleventeen nuclear facilities in the USA, and most are older than you are.

The guys working there are so complacent that they play with their Gameboy, and tweet their Facebook friends all day, and forget all about looking at the critical gauges and dials and computer readings, until there is an explosion, and their radioactive shit hits the fan.

The truth is no-one will ever be able to guarantee the safety of a nuclear facility.

All I have to say is "Wind and Solar power. " Now repeat after me Wind and Solar Power..." I can't hear you"!