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How To Get Laid

  By: Leopold Boucouvalas:

There are lots of reasons that you might not be getting laid.

Hygiene, bad or good is utmost on the list of do's and don'ts. A person who is less than attractive visually can be "hot", if they smell just right.

Human beings are still animals, and the scent pheromones go a long way in turning the opposite sex on.

Being in good shape physically really helps, but it isn't an absolute for getting "it".

I have noticed that a woman will get turned on by the image of power whether physical, financial or political. It is a turn on for women.
Her possible potential to harness a man's power will drive her to do "things".

For the guys confidence is very important. If you are confident and it shows, you do better in the mating game. So again hygiene, smell, and now let's talk about clothes. Different strokes for different folks.

What is attractive to a "Goth Chic" may be a turn off to a self assured female with a lot of education and more rational views. Tight pants... Or, better yet, clothes that fit well so that when you move, your body is displayed in a seductive way.

Expensive clothes can really do it. I got lucky once because I was the only guy in the room wearing an expensive Italian suit. She was a model and really knew about the finer clothes. She figured I had money.. Later I caught her at my desk going through my finances. She got dumped like a bad case of the runs.

Approach: You can feel that you need to get laid for sure tonight and so, go after some bloated sow with severe acne and 0% self confidence, who has nightly dreams of actually bedding down with a man.

Or, you can shoot for the stars and go after the best looking chic in the room. If you are good enough at this, it will work. I assure you from personal experience... and plenty of it at that!

Well now you have to turn on the charm. Crucial!!! Develop trust. People like to talk about themselves so shut up and listen asking pertinent questions and when it's your turn, be more humble that boastful.

Don't disagree adamantly about anything and avoid the kind of everyday conflict that happens in the workplace or home. You can let them know that you have whatever status but do it without the air of braggadocio. Eye contact is essential.

Get close enough to smell each other. If her smell is right then you will be more motivated to get intimate, and she will realize this. Yours had better be as well, or you're going to be playing the one-armed bandit tonight.

The back and forth of it all is a turn on. Tell her a secret in her ear, be gentle and talk softly when you're near her as you would talk to a horse. Touch her arm gently and ask her to go to a quieter place to talk. Be funny and get her to laugh. It will break the ice so that your flirting can become more physical.

Ask her if she is a good kisser. Maybe she will be willing to prove it. Let her know that she makes you feel like a million bucks. Now there are two ways to proceed from here

Method A.

Drag her by the hair to your cave and do her sweet!

Method B. Wrap your arms around her and rub noses while telling her that you might die if you don't spend the night in her arms.

That's about it.

PS: Oh yeah. All of these tips apply to regular girls but don't try it with you grandmother. It would be too gross. She may tell your mother, and the whole thing would be a disaster.

TIPS FOR Girls : How To get Laid.

Method 1:

Walk into a bar and in a loud voice say " I ain't got laid in a couple of months and I'm ready to bust one of you broncos. Look out cause I need it hard and fast.  Am I gonna have to drag you buckaroos home with me? Or, are we gonna use the pool table?
C'mon let's ride cowboys"

Method 2:

Walk up to a man and grab him gently by the crotch and stick your tongue down his throat. He's yours.