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Fluffy Words

by Howard Spear

Cut the fluffy words
and get to reality. Hmmm.

What I call fluffy words are those that are useless as far as specificity and clarity.

The man is running for office, and his friend says. " I hope that you win the election".

Hope? Will that do anything to further the cause?

Hope is like fluff in the wind.

It is a general desire that something will be fulfilled, it borders on dreaming.

How about: "I'll pray for you to win".

Someone on their knees talking to an imaginary god is less effective than a fart in a hurricane.

 In fact, it is totally useless.

"I wish you good luck" Aha! We have a double whammy here "wish" and "luck"

A wish is just a thought that doesn't have any effect outside of inside of your head.

Luck doesn't exist. Statistical odds exist.

Perhaps "I want you to win" is more honest. Or, " I prefer that you win".

These two statements at make the point that you can benefit from the person winning and seems honest.

I wonder what Ayn Rand would have said?

It doesn't matter because although she was insightful in some ways  she was a bit of a wacko anyway.

I might break down and use "wish" or "hope" in the near future without thinking too much about it.

I will not be using "pray", maybe "luck" though.

Howard Spear - 2010