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Dirty Pants Breath Syndrome

"Dirty Pants Breath"(a problem in the Americas and surrounding countries)
by Leopold Boucouvalas

There has of late been an increase in Emergency Departments of hospitals in the Americas and surrounding countries of people who are admitted with Dirty Pants Breath as a syndrome that is currently not usually totally curable.

This problem has been an issue for several years in a few small communities surrounding the Mojave desert area and now has spread to half of the globe.

There are those who have been hospitalized for up to a week and treated with antibiotics as well as any form of anti-viral drug that could be useful.


Tooth Xray - www.RavingMadman.comIt has been conjectured that the cause could be a gum disease that causes the problem, as well as rampant tooth decay.

Normally some of the bacteria from a gum disease would end up in the blood system.
This can be a problem for the organs of the body and can kill the victim of the disease.

Organs like the heart or kidneys or liver are often diseased as a part of the rampant spread of the Dirty Pants Breath syndrome and cause major familial problems for those who rely on the income from a person who has been diagnosed with the disease and can no longer work and bring in the income that the family needs to survive.

Periodontal disease can spread like wildfire to those around the victim, also.

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This is not the usual periodontal disease but a newer more spreadable one that is transmitted by coughing, anal sex or shaking hands etc.

The fact that it smells like "Dirty Pants" has given this ailment it's name.

Those folks who have eaten or licked dirty pants are disgusting and yet we have used their "moniker" for the syndrome as it fits very well.

If you feel that you, or someone that you know, might have the disease, then go to the hospital as fast as you can to hopefully find a treatment for this ailment.

I suggest having all of your teeth removed just in case it is a tooth related problem and not a disease that comes from the stomach or other internal source.