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Bowel Mastery For Fun and Profit

by Howard Spear

Control your defecations and control your life!
There, now I have gotten your attention with that title so now let's get down to talking about how to purge your colon on demand. The other question you may be asking is " Yeah! But, how can I make money with this new found ability?"

 First things first. Diet and bowel exercise are the main things to consider.
Diet of course is important but can be overlooked if the right breathing and colon control are understood.


Many of us get up in the morning and feel that before we start our day we have to clear out all that gunk that is impacting our colon and slowing us down. Eliminating the bowel mass or, as they say, "taking a serious dump" is often foremost on people's minds during the first cup of coffee.
There are those who would verbalize to whoever is in the room that they "Gotta have a good crap".

It is insignificant as to whether it is called,"popping a turd" or "blowing it out my ass" or "moving my bowels" (where are you moving them to?) or "shitting my brains out" it all comes down to the same thing, and that is to evacuate the rectal/colonic vault.

To be the boss of the butt hole, you first have to make a decision to be in charge of the descending colon, and tell it who is in charge.
Whether or not you have followed the proper diet program or not, this is the method.

Drop your trousers and skivvies or if you are a lady or male-female transvestite, your panties.
Next, mount the bowl. At this point, you have to remember to focus on comfort. Use a straight back posture at first and be sure that your anus is spread sufficiently to allow an expellation of defecatatum to be released.

Close your eyes, and feel the mass in your lower intestine.
Gently apply pressure downward with your diaphragm. Here is where the breathing technique comes in.
Take a deep breath and while relaxing the lower part of your gut continue to apply the pressure. After 5 hours of this begin the next part of the training of your bowel.

With your right hand, gently but firmly press the area below your stomach until you feel the errant caggard deep inside your fecal womb. Using a massaging motion from right to left gently urge the vile chunk along across the transverse colon.

At this point, you may have discovered that you have feces in both your transverse and descending colon. It is recommended that you start with the top (transverse colon) and work it across, down and out starting from that point.

Using a combination of the deep breathing so as to bring more oxygen into the blood, and, therefore, to the affected area. Consider your diaphragm pressure and massage, you can now lean forward bending your body to squeeze your body, guts and all so that anything in it will have to come out of the only hole open that it can escape from.

Once you have succeeded in getting it out you will have gained both the benefit of having learned to control your eliminations and the knowing that you are the master and commander of your rectum.

In the next episode of your training here you will be taught what to eat to attain proper stool consistency.
Part Three will be about how to earn huge profits from the knowledge you have gained.

At this point I have to conclude as I have to administer an emergency enema to an important political figure.